"The smile that you radiate will come back to you"

The Naheweingau, as the Nahe Wine Region was still called at the time, first followed the example of other winegrowing areas and elected a local wine queen back in 1950. Helma Wöllstein from Meddersheim was the winning candidate. The second Nahe Wine Queen already got voted German Wine Queen at the election in Neustadt.

Mathilde Machwirth from Heddesheim (today part of Guldental) was to "embody the spirit of German wine". This was not a difficult task for her in 1953, a vintage year with impressively high must weights. The Wine Queen from the Nahe clearly also impressed the presidential wine connoisseur back then, as Theodor Heuss's reception at Villa Hammerschmidt with German winegrowing functionaries and the Wine Queen lasted two hours instead of the envisaged 30 minutes.

In 1966, not only feelings of joy but also a guilty conscience overcame 22-year-old Ilse Theobald from Hochstätten when she was elected German Wine Queen in Stuttgart, as she would be absent from her parents' business for a year. She successfully promoted German wine and former Lord Mayor Hans Jochen Vogel presented her with 1,000 litres of Olympic wine as a reward for Munich being selected in 1966 to host the 1972 Olympic Games.

The 1970s were clearly dominated by the young female winegrowers of the Nahe, as they were elected German Wine Queen three times.

The Nahe Wine Queen and Princesses of this period, Erika Sinß, Doris Emmerich- Koebernik and Edelgard Bauer-Finter today still look back rapturously on the challenges of their term in office and the fantastic experiences entailed by these at home and abroad.

Two of probably the best known Nahe Wine Queens are Silvia Buchholz-Lafer and Julia Klöckner.

Silvia Buchholz-Lafer, daughter of a restaurateur, opened the gourmet restaurant "La Val d'Or" at the age of just 21 in Guldental and in 1983 hired Austrian-born Johan Lafer as chef. The couple's shared history can still be experienced live today at their joint restaurant on the Stromburg in Stromberg.

Julia Klöckner also comes from Guldental. The student of politics and theology committed herself wholeheartedly to German winegrowing and the winegrowers during her year in office.  Her year in office paved the way for a remarkable political career and today she is known as parliamentary party leader of the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) in Rhineland-Palatinate.

Judith Honrath from Langenlonsheim appears to be a kindred spirit, as the 2001/02 Nahe Wine Queen also studied theology. Her motto "The smile that you radiate will come back to you" was the defining characteristic of her year in office.

2013 was another special year on the Nahe, with NaheWineQueen Nadine Poss from Windesheim crowned 65th German Wine Queen on 13 September 2013.

Doing her equal NaheWineQueen Katharina Staab from Oberhausen/ Nahe was crowned  69th German Wine Queen on 29 September 2017.


Source: Wolfgang Junglas, 60 Jahre Deutsche Weinköniginnen (Sixty years of German Wine Queens)

Seventy years of crowned heads are a cause for celebration – the commitment of the young ladies remains unbroken to this day and deserves the greatest respect.

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