How do you actually become the NaheWineQueen?

The path to the crown is not that difficult.

First of all, you need to be female and be at least 18 years old. Applicants should of course live in the Nahe cultivation region and have a class B driver’s license.

The candidate for the crown does not necessarily need to come from a vineyard or be a trained winegrower. But she must show enthusiasm for the cultural asset of wine as well as commitment to the region. After all, she will be an ambassador for the Nahe wine region!

Knowledge of wine is also important: all candidates who are applying must have a basic knowledge of wine. But before the vote is cast, she will be well prepared: the nose, tongue, and palate will receive sensory training for wine tasting. Seminars deliver specialist knowledge of wine cultivation, both generally and in the Nahe region.

The candidates are fully supported by the business offices and Board of Weinland Nahe e.V.
The work of the wine majesties on behalf of the Nahe, the winegrowers and their wines is voluntary and is commissioned by Weinland Nahe e.V. There is an expense allowance for every appointment.
When making an appearance, the NaheWineQueen and the NaheWinePrincesses always wear their crown with Idar-Oberstein gemstones.

The dirndl has long since ceased to be fashionable, so depending on the occasion, the NaheWineMajesties appear in a classic business outfit, in a so-called “little black dress” or in an elegant evening dress.
The term of office for the NaheWineQueen goes by quickly. During this special year, she will meet a lot of people and learn how to present herself and Nahe wine in an optimal way. Self-confidence, charisma, and flexibility are qualities that the majesty will benefit from later, too.
But perhaps their commitment to the wine will go even further. Whoever is crowned as the NaheWineQueen will also take part in the election for the German wine queen and have the opportunity to travel far and wide and meet very famous contemporaries.

Would you like to be the next NaheWineQueen?
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