Welcome to the genuine types!

Full of character and unmistakable – just like this authentic cultural landscape, rich in historical testimonies, that’s what the wines and the people are like too.
The winemakers of the Nahe region are genuine types. And they are true experts. The wines produced here are always excitingly complex and mineral-dense. They are characterized by our typical, ideal climate and absolutely unique terroir.

Did you know? 10+1 facts about the Nahe

3-to-1 In the Nahe wine region, 75% white grapes and 25% red grapes are cultivated

42 million 390 thousandThe Nahe wine region has 4,239 hectares of vineyard acreage

Roman times – 1971 Early international high-altitude flights, however only an independent wine-growing region since 1971

Genuine types: Unconventional and authentic – great wines from genuine types only

Extreme Nahe: Strong contrasts and gentle harmonies characterize this wine landscape

Multicultural soil. Unique: more than 180 different soil formations

Primordial forces and flavor explosions. From the wild faults of prehistoric times to fascinating highlights in your glass ...

Sensational microcosm: Flora and fauna in infinite abundance

Culinary delights: A paradise for wine gourmets and an Eldorado for adventurers

Masterpiece: There’s no secret tip, but it’s world class!

Wine, walking, wellness: The perfect combination for all-round enjoyment





Stopping by at the winegrower's place

Genuine enjoyment

Nahe royal


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3. Spendenlauf durch die Guldentaler Weinberge

"Mit lieblich-leckeren Weinen die Zeit versüßen"

Mit dem Nahegelage Picknick-Korb die Nahe genießen

Komm näher! Naheweinfestival teils verschoben, teils abgesagt

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