Genuine enjoyment

If we’re talking about “living like God in France” – well, he’s almost certainly in the Nahe region if he’s really looking to have a good time. Our “excellent restaurateurs” take the title “Genuine enjoyment” completely literally.

They meet exacting criteria: high-quality, honest ingredients from the region, friendly service, and last but not least, an excellent (Nahe) wine list. Each of them uses these similarities to create imaginatively idiosyncratic but always tasty creations.

As a guest, you can use our “Genuine Enjoyment” guide as a reliable partner for your tours of culinary enjoyment.

Please note that due to the current situation with the coronavirus, opening times and numbers of people permitted may have changed. Before visiting, seek information about the current regulations and hygiene requirements.

We would like to thank Sparkasse Rhein-Nahe for their support in creating the brochure “Genuine Enjoyment 2021.”

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