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Wine trips

Embark on a true journey of enjoyment and get to know the top products that the region has to offer. What could be more authentic than walking through the vineyards with the winegrowers and then tasting the fine wines?
Our hosts and winegrowers can also offer you multiday packages for your enjoyment.
You can find more Nahe experience packages at highlights.naheland.net and at naheland.net

Wein-Genuss Erbacher Hof


4 Tage Wanderlust & Nahewein

BurgBlick Arrangements

Wein-Gut-Erleben 2020 im Weingut Badischer Hof

Genießertage beim Nahewinzer

Wein Wandern Wohlfühlen

Weinschlafwagen am Weingut im Zwölberich

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