A special edition – Edelschliff 2021

Fine gemstones and wines – the valuable treasures of the Nahe region, both found within the Edelschliff. The decorative bottle is adorned with a gemstone of the appropriate caliber for the noble wine in the bottle, and production is strictly limited to 1,000 bottles. A unique composition for true connoisseurs.

Edelschliff 2021

Edelschliff 2021 comes from the Honrath winery in Langenlonsheim. Christian Honrath places great value on the Riesling grape, and that’s why this grape occupies over 50 percent of his land. The grapes for this unique wine are grown in the Langenlonsheimer Königsschild, on soil layered with shell limestone. It glows light yellow in the glass and has delightful herbal spiced tones, carried by an exotic abundance of fruit such as passion fruit, grapefruit and mango. This is a Riesling that reflects its origins and, last but not least, bears the signature of the winegrower.


The onyx belongs to the gemstone group of quartz with a Mohs hardness of 7. It is opaque to faintly shimmering. The name onyx comes from the Greek and means "fingernail", probably because of its weak transparency. By onyx is understood both a chalcedony in a velvety matte black, as well as an agate, which is composed of two or more different colored layers. 

The most important locations where this gemstone can be found are Brazil, Madagascar, Mexico, Uruguay and the USA. Onyx gives more resistance, stability and joy of life. It relieves the nerves and strengthens the immune system.

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