Breaks on a Nahe vineyard

Haven't you always wanted to learn about the art of winemaking?

If you'd also like to treat yourself to some exquisite local delicacies and outstanding wines then it's high time you visited the Nahe region. Small romantic winegrowing villages with elaborate half-timbered houses, narrow streets and idyllic vineyards lie gently tucked away in the wine country along the Nahe.

Set off on your own personal pleasure trip and be inspired by the vitality and conviviality on the vineyards!

Services included:
Two overnight stays with a vineyard breakfast, comfortable rooms with shower/WC on selected vineyards
One four-course menu with appropriate Nahe wines
One winetasting session with a Nahe winegrower
One winery tour with a Nahe winegrower
One rustic winegrower's meal
Hiking suggestion for a vineyard hike. 

Participants: at least two persons.  

Arrival day: A: Monday to Wednesday,  B: Friday and Saturday

Dates: March to November

Price per person in EUR:
Package A:  double room 139.00, single room 159.00
Package B: double room 149.00, single room 169.00

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