"Wine is served where the flowers hang out"

The custom of running this special kind of wine hostelry dates back to the time of Charlemagne in the year 791. The wine could not be sold freely until it had been tasted by high-ranking officials and the so-called "tithe" was paid. It was customary to advertise the opening hours by hanging out a decorative bouquet of flowers. Traditional German wineries therefore have nothing in common with the ostrich.

This old tradition is upheld by many winegrowers along the Nahe. They are allowed to serve self-produced wines in their wineries for up to four months. Today a wide range of hearty local dishes as well as fresh seasonal specialities and innovative modern cuisine are offered in a cosy and often family atmosphere.

Many winegrowers also extend their wineries to become taverns. These are managed no less lovingly and offer an even higher quality menu and longer opening hours.

You can find all the wineries and taverns of the Nahe region hear.

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